We use several types of filtration for our systems:

  • Hydrocyclones
  • Use: treatment of drilling water heavily loaded with sand and stones
  • Sand filters and others filtering materials
  • Media filtration takes place on a fixed bed of sand, anthracite, gravel or a combination of these materials. The filtration is carried out by gravity in the open air but it can also be carried out under pressure. It removes the remaining particles and colloids at this stage of the process. This step makes it possible to reach an SDI of less than 5 if the system is fed by raw water of good quality.
  • Filtration between 100 and 30 microns
  • Automatic mesh filters
  • Use: filtration of pressurized water network: drilling water, drinking water network, industrial water .   Models are also available in seawater version.
  • Cartridge filters
  • Filtration between: 0.5 and 500 microns

Cartridge filtration is used as the last step in the conventional pre-treatment process. The filters have a pore diameter of between 1 and 10 microns to protect RO membranes from particles larger than 1-10 microns.

  • Cartridges from 20 to 50 inches
  • Filters can contain 7 to 45 cartridges
  • Flow rate: from 8 to 160 m3 per hour


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